To Mars with him

the irresitible, Grazyna Hajewski countess, Germany 2017, watercolor, paper 29,7x21cm no 110917

 „As you eat your appetite grows”
it is also according to the old adage.
It is a puzzling fact that it has not lost its relevance – despite the fact that we have the twenty first century and everything that he brought us: a highly developed technique in almost every field – from home appliances to precise medical instruments. Despite the fact that we have an orbital station, sputniki, probes traversing distant corners of the cosmos and providing us with information about its secrets; despite the fact that we are planning a housing estate on Mars.
Who will we send there?
Maybe those who did something. Those who did not like civil law on earth.
Such „a colony of those who disagree with the law „- it sounds good even.
In addition, the example of Australia proves that this type of experiment has a very good chance of success.
High there, they will rule their own rights.
Mars laws.
And whoever will not follow them will fly out into space.
Literally – hi will be excluded from the company, pushed out of the oxygen-rich zone of life. In the caustic atmosphere of the red planet the man will not survive more than two seconds. Weak gravity will not keep it on the surface of the planet
Yes, because prisoners, like any other community, will immediately establish some rights. Raw, like themselves and how ruthless they are.
This will be necessary to maintain the status of the group commander and the status of its members, and the condition for survival, for the use of the opportunity that has occurred to them, and the one who will get this chance of profanity outlawed.
Will they be dealing with current technical achievements there?
What a question – of course, yes, because it will depend on them to survive there.
And this will to survive will make them master all complex new things in the blink of an eye.
And what they will miss, will „borrow” from others. And so the Martian underworld will develop. Great. I can see the whole Martian company through the eyes of the imagination.
I’d like to be a witness to this.

©Ursula Vortag, Germany 2018


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